Medical industry analysis refers particularly to the research done to determine certain aspects of the health care sector. This analysis pertains to the cost of medical equipment, change in costs for treatment, the prevalent rates, medical insurance details and other such relevant aspects. This analysis also keeps into account the various health care facilities and the current and projected costs of these medical facilities. There are various approaches to such a type of industry analysis such as examining expenditure, revenue and loss or by recording the different financial changes seen over a period of time or even by studying market trends.

Sample Medical Industry Analysis

The following Medical Industry Analysis has been created by GNR Analysts Corp.

Medical Sector: Old Age Nursing Care Facilities

Date: 3/5/2012

Aim: The medical industry analysis has been created to ascertain the growth of the Old Age Nursing Care Facilities in terms of expansion of the industry sector, the introduction of new medical equipment, investment potential, employment opportunities, advancement and projected future growth.

Industry Overview:

Nature: Old Age Nursing Care Facilities are established essentially for the care and treatment of the elderly disabled.

Expansion [2005-2012]:

  • The industry was reported to cover 13% of the recorded areas in the U.S in 2005
  • There has been a growth by 29% reported in 2011.
  • The expected growth to be seen in 2012 is 32%


  • The employment rate for 2005 was 15% which has increased to 45% in 2011.
  • New medical equipment integrated in over 30 major facilities.

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