The menu engineering analysis is a process wherein menus of restaurants are constructed based on certain psychological principles. This process is largely used by the hospitality industry but also by other companies which are concerned with listing their services and products to relevant customers and investors. The main aim for using this analysis method is to increase the revenue of the given company. The proper use of this method could mean a great boost in source of income.

What this process tries to achieve is subconsciously influencing the customers to buy certain products as the company would like and preventing purchase of other products which would deem unsuitable to profit generation. The main principles used for such an analysis is psychology where one’s perception and emotional response is gauged. This also includes managerial accounting where costs are kept in check. Marketing is also important for the purpose of promotion and graphics designing for generating appeal through the menu.

Sample Menu Engineering Analysis

The following analysis has been conducted by BEP Research Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Restaurant: Pablo’s Pizzeria

Date: 6.5.2011

Project: Menu Construction specifically for Italian pasta dishes

Objective: To introduce new pasta dishes to the customers and increase the variety offered within the menu which was formerly limited to pizzas.


  • New dishes to be placed within the second page of the menu in order to ensure familiarity in the first page and appeal in the next.
  • Prices are to be written in bold but the dish names must be larger and more emphasized.
  • Pictures of the dishes need to be placed next to the pasta dishes.
  • Combination offers are to be introduced which will mix old dishes with new thereby proving money saving guarantee.
  • The menu’s cover page must feature the introduction of the new dishes.

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