The Meta analysis research refers to a certain method of analysis which takes into account different perspectives and analysis to bring about a conclusive summarized analysis for a particular object, product or service. This research takes into account the similarities and differences of various studies and then puts forward an overall summation. It also takes into account the different assumptions as well as conditions and analyses the important aspects in a systematic way. This is mainly a statistical approach through which accurate observations can be made about the given service or product.

Sample Meta Analysis Research:

The following Meta analysis research has been compiled for Childhood Phobia and Anxiety Disorder for the CRY Org.

Analysis by: We Care Co.

Date: 3.4.2011

Purpose: The main objective is to understand that this disorder does not just affect academics but also mental and physical growth. The evaluation is based on various therapy sessions recorded under the CRY Org.


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy used to understand the serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
  • A total of 23 studies have been taken into account.
  • The studies take into consideration both pre treatment and post treatment to observe the symptoms of anxiety, phobia, social impairment and other related symptoms.
  • The Meta analysis has conclusively stated that both the cognitive therapy as well as medicated treatment has reduced the symptoms to a more moderate level.


  • Treatment should be continued and applied in both severe and moderate cases.
  • Medication should be prescribed to severe cases only.

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