An MLA literary analysis is an exercise of textual criticism following the citation rules laid down by the Modern Language Association. This involves considerable hard work, as the citations of an analysis, a paper or a presentation are extremely important. It is on the basis of citations that a literary review or analysis enters into the world of academic writing and can be referred to by other scholars. It is also an important aspect of scholarly ethics that a work of literary analysis is properly cited and all background material properly alluded to.

Sample MLA Literary Analysis:

Name of literary analysis work: The presence of the comitatus bond in Old English poems

Date of submission of literary analysis based on the MLA style: 23rd June 2012

Aspects of research highlighted:

  • The war poetry of Old English literature has been given special emphasis in my paper. I wish to trace the importance of the Germanic comitatus bond in these poems.
  • The aim of my paper is to indicate that this bond exists also in Old English religious poetry apart from the more obvious example of Old English secular poetry.

MLA citations used:

The paper has been composed after referring to the following works:

  • Derek Walters, Old English Prose and Poetry [New York: 1981, Bloomsbury], pp. 45-55.
  • Jeremy Rogers, The Ethos of War in Old English Religious Poetry [London: 1999, Oxford University Press], p.34.

Paper submitted to: Dr. Paul Terence

Course for which paper was written: 4.55 [Old English Prose and Poetry]


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