New product analysis refers to a mandatory procedure which all companies must go through before the launch of their newly developed product. The analysis takes into account every detail of the product with respect to the production; required material for production and the sales and market factors. The new product analysis helps to gauge how the product can be bettered in terms of both design and production. This in turn also helps the company become well acquainted with the product. Essentially this studies the marketing factors behind the product and determines the potential profit or loss that can be made through this product.

Sample New Product Analysis:

The following new product analysis has been conducted on behalf of GG HTC Ltd.

Name of Product: Y2K Laptop

Product manufacturing date: 2.3.2011

Tentative date for launch: 2 months after the analysis has been conducted

Analysis by: ORION Technology Co.

Date of analysis: 5.5.2011

Product Overview:

Main Features:

  • High definition display screen that comes in 12 and 15 inch sizes.
  • Easy-to-use keyboard with motion sensing in-built mouse for convenient use.
  • 3 USB ports for multiple connections along with Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Latest Intel processing chip used for fast and efficient performance.
  • Price: $12,300


  • Wide range of features beneficial for office goers.
  • Light weight to increase mobility.
  • Much cheaper as compared to other products of similar quality and features.


  • Not much tough to handle physical stress.
  • Memory space low and an external hard drive will be required.

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