A numerical data analysis is a survey with its focus on numbers. Anything that deals with numerical data may be subject to a numerical data analysis. For example, numerical data analysis may be conducted on the profit and loss columns of a company, or to trace the impact of migration in countries for a certain period of time, or to account for large scale immigration and so on. A numerical data analysis must be adequately supported by graphs and charts which provide a pictorial depiction of the data obtained.

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Sample Numerical Data Analysis:

Numerical Data Analysis

Download Numerical Data Analysis

Numerical data analysis conducted by: Number Crunchers Pvt. Ltd.

Numerical data analysis commissioned by: Soft Tronics Pvt. Ltd.

Date of numerical data analysis: 2nd June 2011

Date of submission of numerical data analysis: 2nd September 2011

Purpose of the numerical data analysis:

  • This numerical data analysis shall investigate the log books of the commissioning company for a period of ten years in order to chart progress and expansion.
  • The reports of the numerical data analysis will be handed over to the company in the strictest confidence.
  • The trends identified by the numerical data analysis will also be used to offer suggestions for improvement, stemming extraneous cash flow and so on.
  • The standard numerical data analysis tools shall be used for this exercise as well. This includes checklist matrix formation, context chart and pattern coded analysis table.
  • The numerical data analysis will be adequately supported by graphs, pie charts and other tables which will indicate the trends even without a detailed perusal of the report.

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