A nutritional data analysis is an exercise which aims at seeking out correct data about an individual’s nutritional plan, or the nutritional plan administered to a certain specific group of individuals like Diabetes patients. A nutritional data analysis can also be commissioned by an authority to ensure that proper nutrients are supplied to consumers who can thus profit from the product they purchase. Thus, it is a wide ranging analysis which has many uses, and must be conducted in the proper manner.

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Sample Nutritional Data Analysis:

Nutritional Data Analysis

Download Nutritional Data Analysis

Name of organization commissioning the nutritional data analysis: Food and Agriculture Ministry, Government of United States.

Organization conducting the nutritional data analysis: Nutri Check Pvt. Ltd.

Date of nutritional data analysis: 3rd February 2011

Purpose of nutritional data analysis:

  • This nutritional data analysis has been commissioned by the Food and agriculture Ministry in order to survey the contents of the products created by two major cola giants of the country.
  • The contents of the nutritional data analysis will be made public at the orders of the government. If necessary, the cola giants will be asked to submit written documents and testimonies as to the contents of their products.

Nutritional data analysis report to be submitted on: 4th June 2012

Factors to be evaluated in the nutritional data analysis:

  • Nutritional content of the samples surveyed.
  • The method of production and distillation and shipping.
  • The inclusion of elements which are inimical to the wellbeing
  • Feedback from customers
  • Conformity to the norms of food and health as laid down by the concerned ministries of the government

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