An online competitor analysis is a report of the issues that an online company is caught in the grip of which is not particularly auspicious for its business records. It evaluates the relationship between the company and its online competitors with an eye to rescue the former from the perilous competition and provides plausible ideas.

Sample Online Competitor Analysis

Name of the online organization:

Name of the competitor organization:

Business area: Online videos

Date of analysis: 23rd August, 2011

Name of the analyst: Anthony Lopez, Analyst

Status of competition: According to online records, our company has 10,000 hits daily on an average which is relatively higher than the traffic record of the competing website, with 5000 hits daily.

Objective: From the business perspective, our company is going great guns but introduction of a new idea by our counterpart may pose a profound threat to the existing services of the company.

Source of threats:

  • The novel idea of allowing viewers to numerically rate a video on various scales has been a hammer on the nail.
  • The idea is likely to clash with the company’s current system that allows viewers to only post comments about the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the content.
  • The ratings would help understand the demands of the customers conforming with which the new videos and contents can be posted thus increasing the attraction quotient of the site.

Conclusion: The Company should order a probe immediately and come out with some unbeatable ideas for the fortification of its business goals and maintenance of economic gains.

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