Online data analysis refers to the assessment and interpretation of data which is collected and analyzed online. The data collected is with the aid of certain statistical tools like online survey sheets, feedback forms, rating options and other related tools. The process is less tedious as there is no scope of any mistake or error.

Sample Online Data Analysis:

Data analysis commissioned by: Mr. Tony Hilton, manager, Educare website.

Data analysis created by: Mr. Toby Wilson.

Data of report submission: 5th of January, 2011.

Purpose of data analysis:

The purpose of this data analysis is to find out the effectiveness of our education website and find out how customer friendly the website is. Based on the report, the further development of this website will be planned.

Tools used for data analysis:

  • Online survey sheets.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Registration rate analysis.

Procedure of data analysis:

The survey sheets and feedback forms have been meticulously examined and the number of registration over the year has been assessed. Most of the analysis is done online, to avoid any kind of discrepancy and error.

Data analysis report:

The report of the online data assessment shows that the customers are not very satisfied with our website. The content of the site is not much helpful and has been tagged as ‘substandard’ by our customers. The registration rate is pretty low as not many people registered with our website. Therefore the company must upgrade the site for better profits and better business. However, the customers have appreciated the company’s endeavor for launching such a site.

Mr. Toby Wilson,

Chief Data Analyst,

Educare Website.

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