A Personal Assistant Job Analysis is one that determines whether the person working in the role of a personal assistant is able to fulfill job responsibilities such as schedule management, organizing appointments, typing reports, taking calls or planning meetings. Duties of personal assistant largely depend on the necessary qualifications, breadth of a candidate’s experience, and the level of trust he has acquired from his boss.

The role can also involve more responsibilities and tasks such as researching projects or account management and many more according to the nature of industry and organization associated with.

Sample Personal Assistant Job Analysis

Sarah Jones – Personal Assistant (Dr. Jamie Courier) Analysis conducted by: Jamie Neuro Clinic.

Sarah Jones analysis report presented by: Trey Ronalds, Recruitment Head – Star Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Personal Assistant Analysis:

  • To analyze the working hours utilization by calculating billing hours fees.
  • To measure how many calls were converted to successful customer leads.
  • To scrutiny the results of accounts related to tax filing and book keeping records.
  • To  review the transactions for reporting any anomalies within the specified period of analysis.

Personal Assistant Job Analysis breakdown in year 2013:

  • Billing hours utilization = 90%
  • Call Leads generation = 35%
  • Book keeping review = Satisfactory
  • Account Keeping = Matches with Calculations
  • Customer Query Satisfaction = 80%

The above report indicates that Sarah Jones – Personal Assistant (Dr. Jamie Courier) of Jamie Neuro clinic has been successful in maintaining a clean state by performing her duties very nicely and honestly. Her Customer query satisfaction score was well above average and billing utilization ratio turnout was amazing at 90% success rate.

In the light of the review done by the Star Recruitment Agency Pvt. Ltd. task responsibilities were dutifully carried out without any anomalies all through the period of review undertaken.

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