A price analysis report is a document that is framed after a thorough survey of the current price(s) of a certain product or service, as demonstrated by the respective market. It is generally conducted as an assessment of the unit prices of goods, and can be studied as a collection of prices occurring in the finances of a particular company or organization. Such an analysis report often involves customer feedback as an important part of the analysis, with respect to survey of the response to the theoretical prices. Hence, this type of a report should be prepared in a befitting manner to contain the accurate valuation of each of the components being analyzed, as well as provide for their corresponding descriptions.

Sample Price Analysis Report:

Franklin Finance Agency

March 11, 2011


Summary of Price Analysis Techniques

Item No. Name of Item Price of item % of margin Remarks
483729 Furniture $678 88% Important and significant aspect of home pricing
372811 Furnishings $98 94% Highly important and a must-have in all homes
662791 Home accessories $81 76% Moderate component
332938 Kitchen appliances $54 82% Important aspect, depends on choice of owner
819288 Electronic gadgets $885 70% Strong component based on usage, highly priced
332738 Miscellaneous items $______ [depends on no of items] _________ [variable] ____________________________

[differs as per item and pricing]

Total: ____________________ [valid and exact summed up figure]

Analysis issue                                                    Remarks

Price affordability concepts Latest appreciation of pricing [#48562] in January, 2011Affordable for 87%
Home sale issues Very High sale, represented by a national average of 89.25%
Mortgages Strong results on analysis; favourable shares of 4% (lowest) to 28.65% (highest)

Risk factors:

This home pricing has been conducted as on 11th March, 2011, by the United States Home Federation and will remain valid till 5th May, 2011. This is a trustworthy report of the prospects of home pricing and is subject to zero changes, provided there is proper maintenance of the stability limit of the market.



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