A price analysis template is a document which allows the correct framing of a price analysis report. The exact information that must be present in such a document is highlighted by a price analysis template, to eliminate the chance of mistakes. A price analysis document can be used by prospective buyers, sellers, tax assessors as well.

Sample Price Analysis Template

Price analysis conducted by: _______________________ [Mention the name of the agency conducting the price analysis]

Property whose price analysis is to be done: ___________________ [Mention the location or address of the property whose price analysis is being conducted]

Property currently belongs to: _______________________________ [Mention the particulars pertaining to the owner of the property]

Purpose of price analysis: ____________________________________________ [Mention the purpose of price analysis like setting up the property for sale, or for purposes of tax assessment or some such similar purpose]

Factors to be considered while estimating the current value of the property:

  • Prime location: __________________________________
  • Area: __________________________________________
  • Current state of flooring, electric wiring, plumbing etc.: __________________________
  • Purpose of use: _____________________________________
  • Current real estate valuations: ____________________________________ [Mention the status of these factors with regards to the property in question, as these are most likely to influence the pricing of the property]

Price of the apartment in question: _________________________ [Provide an approximate estimation of the price of the apartment based on deduction and reasoning. The price determined forms the conclusion of the price analysis exercise]

For more information and bookings contact: _____________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Price Analysis Template

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