Those data which are collected individually or directly from sources are called primary data or raw data. These are first hand data. Primary data analysis refers to the assessment and interpretation of a set of primary data and preparing report on them. These data are the most authentic and reliable as they have not been manipulated by collector.

Sample Primary Data Analysis:

Data analysis conducted by: Mr. Derek Smith.

Data analysis commissioned by: Swirl electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Date of report submission: 10th of January, 2011.

Purpose of data analysis:

The primary purpose of this data analysis is to find out the rate of customer satisfaction with our products and services. First hand data is collected from the customers to avoid any kind of discrepancy and confusion. The company has noted its faults, and will try to address them as soon as possible.

Tools used for data analysis:

  • Direct customer survey.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Customer complaints.

Procedure of data analysis:

The data collector has asked questions to customers and has noted their grievances and appraisals. The feedback forms were filled by the customers and have been compiled by the data collector. A report has been prepared accordingly.

Data Analysis report:

The report prepared from analysis the primary data shows that the customers are satisfied with the overall performance and service of our companies. However, the complaint sheets show that their dissatisfaction with our customer service management. The repairing and replacement of faulty products take a long time. This issue must be taken care of by the company. Their satisfaction rate with our products is also good. The report shows the superb managerial skill of the company.

Mr. Derek Smith,

Swirl Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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