A product analysis example is a document which contains a proper and thorough outline of the merits and drawbacks of a particular product up for review. Such an analysis is conducted by a company, an external agency, investors or any individual or group with a vested interest in the performance of the product. It may be carried out before or after the release of the product and must be framed accordingly.

Sample Product Analysis Example:

The following is a product analysis document prepared by Kiston Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd. for its product Herbal Ice Tea:

Date of product analysis: 23rd June 2012

Purpose of product analysis:

  • To ensure that the product is quality tested before being launched in the market on the 23rd of August 2012.
  • To outline its flaws and areas where there is a scope for improvement.

Nature of product: The product in question has been in development since 2011. It is summer beverage targeted at youngsters and college campuses, designed with herbal ingredients like mint and basil, and it contains no added preservatives.

Product scores on:

  • The product is set to make an instant splash in the F and B market due to the brand name of the company and also due to first player advantages. Since there are no comparable Ice Tea beverages in the market currently, our product is hoped to create a buzz.
  • The product is priced attractively at 5$ per bottle making it affordable and opening up the student clientele for us in a big way.
  • The product is completely prepared from organic ingredients which make it a substance of choice for the present-day health conscious youngsters.


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