Product analysis format which serves as an effective tool for depicting an unbiased and clear analysis of a product after taking all the essential factors into consideration related to it. Therefore, such a document must be constructed comprehensively so that its helps in conducting a thorough analysis of a product.

Sample Product Analysis Format

Name of the product to be analyzed __________________________

Analysis conducted by __________________________

Purpose of product analysis _____________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a product analysis must outline the nature of the product that is to be analyzed. It should clearly emphasize on various factors related to the product which would help to conduct a thorough analysis. Certain considerations like intention of manufacturing the product, nature of the product and expectation related to it created through various advertisements or mouth publicity and how the company is working at achieving those are factored in.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must essentially compare the product with its contemporaries manufactured by similar kind of industry or company. The competition should be analyzed in order to carry out a thorough product analysis comparing to its counterparts on the market. Essentially this paragraph plays an important role in forming reasoned arguments which helps to reach on a certain conclusion regarding the product.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must conclude the overall result of findings gathered through analysis of several aspects of the product. It must efficiently provide an honest and unbiased assessment whose content must be reasoned and conclusions framed supported with ample evidences.

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