A product nutritional analysis is a document which provides a thorough insight into a product’s [usually a food and beverage product] nutritional value. This is often a requirement imposed by the government to take stock of the quality and standard of food products entering the mainstream market. Stringent quality checks and controls too make it mandatory for product nutritional analysis, and this must be done in conformity with regulations established by law.

Sample Product Nutritional Analysis:

Product analysis conducted for: Nester’s Instant Noodles

Date of product analysis: 23rd June 2011

Product analysis conducted by: Devonshire Food and Beverage Inspection Authority

The following is the product nutritional analysis conducted on Nester’s Instant Noodles which has been recently launched in the market. This initiative is part of our ongoing drive to provide safer and healthier food to our consumers. The nutritional information derived in this report shall be made available on the public domain and the report can be accessed at: www.devonshirefandb.com

Findings obtained:

Number of servings in one packet: 4

[All the nutritional data mentioned below corresponds to the product provided in one serving]

Nutrients Amount in percent [percent calculated on every 200gm per serving]
Saturated fat 40%
Trans fat 0%
Sodium 3%
Cholesterol 20%
Carbohydrate 8%
Vitamin B 10%


  • The product has complied with the nutritional regulations laid down by the Food Corporation of New York and the Institute of Nutritional Data, Minnesota.
  • The report will be presented on the 23rd of July 2011.

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