Property price analysis is a study of price behaviors of a particular property, an examination of the factors that influences the rise and fall of property prices in order to predict the financial future of the property and make decisions such as whether it is the right time to buy or sell a certain property or how much resale value it would fetch in due time, so on and so forth.

Sample Property Price Analysis

Name of the property: Sunshine Apartments

Address: 15 C, North Dover lane, Freeschool Street, Texas, USA

Property Owner: Matthew Lupin

Property Description: the property concerned is an apartment comprising of several two room kitchen dining toilet flats that are up for sale.

Factors Influencing Price:

  • Location: the apartment is situated in a prime location in a very posh locality with extremely good communications.
  • Area: 258 square feet.
  • Age: the apartment has been constructed in the year 2010 in an extremely modern plan.
  • Condition: recently built, most vacant flats are either unsold or resold in almost new conditions.

Price History: when inaugurated the flats were sold out for 6000$. However, with increase in development of the neighborhood, construction of well-connected roads, schools, colleges, the price of the property have gone up to 8000$ in these two years. Resale value of the flats is also soaring high with the increase in competition for the purchase of the flats.

Inference: the price of the property is expected to rise further with the passage of time. Hence, investors are advised to hold on or rent the property for some time before selling it.


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