Proteome, as the glossary of biological terms suggests, is a derived word that has been created by the amalgamation of the two highly popular and significant words in medical terminology – “protein” and “genome”. Hence it can be easily understood that proteomics is the study of proteins on a large-scale, primarily focusing on their structure and functions. The proteomics data analysis thus deals with the collection of data regarding proteins and their systematic organization in various chemical compounds so as to deliver the best results to humans and all other life forms.

Sample Proteomics Data Analysis:

Organization conducting the analysis: The United States Centre for Advanced Research in Medicine.

Subject of analysis: To study the effectiveness of the ELISA (Enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay) in prevention of HIV. The results of the HIV test following the incorporation of this proteomic technique, for a span of some three months, can be analyzed from respective clinical databases.

Team of medical analysts preparing the proteomics data analysis: Dr. Joseph Anthony, Dr. Mark Crook, Dr. Cilia Travolta and Dr. Jane Campbell.

Date of analysis submission: 17th August, 2011

Purpose of the analysis: This proteomic data analysis has been performed for the understanding of the impact of ELISA test on HIV so as to detect it and commence immediate treatment. The most complicated structure and respective protein function is to be studied, along with that of the complex interactions between proteins, all of which will serve as crucial tools for designing effective techniques for diagnosis and also treatment of the particular disease.

Methodology for analysis:

  • Determination of post-translational modifications of proteins.
  • Identifying protein existence in complex compositions.
  • Statistical and computational processes to study biomarkers in the proteomic concept.
  • Conducting of mass spectrometry and western blot of the sample.
  • Proper modulation and regulation of proteins for effective transcription and translation.
  • Data collection and processing database with accuracy.

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