A psychoanalytic literary analysis is a document that conducts a survey of such an area of study that is a blend of psychological theories and analytical skills. Psychoanalysis, as defined by Freud, is a special course that includes a study of human behaviour and experiences, irrational drives and innate qualities, cognition and attempts to create an awareness of the possible defence mechanisms to fight any psychological resistance. The analysis of any psychoanalytic literature, hence, requires an in-depth knowledge of all the included subjects, as there is very little scope for errors due to carelessness.

Sample Psychoanalytic Literary Analysis:

Name of the literary piece: “Man and Psychoanalytic study”

Penned by: Mark Stevenson

Analysis done by: Joseph McKinley

Professor of Psychology and Applied Sciences

New York Institute of Human Sciences

Date of submission of analysis: 21st December, 2011

Significant parameters of the psychoanalytic literary analysis:

  • Thorough reading of the text: This was the most important aspect conducted prior to the actual analysis process. The entire psychoanalytic text, titled “Man and Psychoanalytic study”, had been read thoroughly and all underlying concepts taken under notice.
  • Summarizing the text: Considering the vastness of the study of psychoanalysis itself and the seriousness of the topics and areas discussed in the particular text, the literary piece has been wisely summarized in a precise manner, for quick overview and easy reference whenever required.


  • Significant areas: The important and noteworthy areas of the text have been underlined and analyzed thoroughly. The gravity of the supposed situation has been estimated and effective solutions to the possible problems and complications have also been stated.


  • Literary quality: As far as the actual purpose of the literary material is concerned, that is, psychoanalysis of human nature, the standard of literary elements in the text is way above average and thus a worthy reading material.


  • Nature of the analysis: The analysis has been conducted in a strict and critical manner and has also included scope for feedback, to ensure future improvements.



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