A psychological literary analysis is a special document prepared for the assessment of some specific literary texts and materials that correspond to the subject of psychology and its applications. The analysis of such materials requires a thorough knowledge of psychological concepts and theories as well as literary ideas on the part of the analysts, to ensure a proper analysis. Hence, experts are often required and some samples are also provided at times to help in the analysis.

Sample Psychological Literary Analysis:

Literary piece to be analyzed: “Teen Psychology in the 21st century”

Literary work done by: Stephen Joseph George

Analysis done by: Henry Peterson

Head of the Department [Humanities]

U.S School of Advanced Sciences

Date of submission of analysis report: 15th December, 2011

Factors considered during analysis:

The following are the factors considered for the respective psychological literary analysis and the corresponding nature and description of the factors have also been discussed below:

  • Reading the text: The entire literary text of “Teen Psychology in the 21st century” has been read thoroughly before attempting for an analysis. There has also been a doubt-clearing session, presided over by experts, to ensure that the analysts have clearly understood all the concepts underlying the text.
  • Special areas of concern: The text contains some notable areas that point at significant social issues, apart from the psychological issues, regarding the teens, their behaviour, average academic performance, cognitive skills, concern for family and relatives, peer groups and their impact, etc.

  • Expert suggestions: An extraordinary characteristic of this psychological literary text is that it includes a special section wherein experts of psychology have provided their valuable ideas for handling teen problems effectively.

  • Literary standards: The use of elements of literature in this particular text has been appreciable and exactly to as much extent as required.

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