A qualitative business analysis is one which differs significantly from quantitative business analysis in that the former focuses on why a certain trend is present in the business rather than focusing on the trends themselves. The document must be carefully complied and the purpose of the qualitative business research must be kept in min. the report should be tailored to suit the subject, yet with no compromises on honesty and integrity.

Sample Qualitative Business Analysis

Name of business being analyzed qualitatively: The Supermarket Inc.

Headquarters located in: 22 Galloway Street, New York

Date of submission of qualitative business analysis report: 22nd July 2011

Qualitative business analysis conducted by: Marketing Department, The Supermarket Inc.

Purpose of qualitative business analysis:

  • This departmental store chain sees the maximum footfall and thus it is an ideal site to carry out a qualitative business analysis.
  • We hope to identify some interesting trends in consumer buying patterns, which change with several variables like age, sex, occupation etc.
  • We shall be supporting our arguments and findings by means of graphs and charts, but our main aim is to identify the “why” factor.
  • We aim at tracking consumer behavior patterns and the results that we gather will be submitted to the concerned departments to change policy decisions.
  • We hope to collect some valuable information about consumer buying patterns that will enable other chains to make desired changes as well as provide us with some interesting facts.
  • The report shall be submitted to the concerned departments with our suggestions incorporated in it
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