Qualitative data analysis refers to the analysis of information that lays down the characteristic features of the concerned object. The interpretation yields a concrete understanding of the object and arrests the hidden flaws. Thus it must be done by a professional to squeeze out a suggestion by pervading into the data provided.

Sample Qualitative Data Analysis

Analysis commissioned by: Indian Studio Pottery

Data analysis conducted by: Angela Sharma, Column Writer, Flair Art Magazine

Date of submission: 5th April, 2011

Subject: Acceptance and use of studio pottery by common people

Purpose: Ceramic artefacts has long become absent from our living rooms, thanks to the artificial glitzy art elements available in cheap prices. This analysis is conducted to recognise the state of earthen pottery work and its prevalence at present.

Steps of analysis:

  • The sculptural pieces and terracotta figurines were identified that are mostly ordered by the visiting guests and customers.
  • The functional and decorative aspects of the identified pieces were recorded to reckon the fine line between art and functionality.
  • Quality and worth of the material used in construction of the items were interpreted on their degree of exclusivity in the market.
  • The continued selectivity of the product was furthermore measured by the incidence of sale and references.

Results obtained from analysis:

  • Studio pottery is used more as a medium of expression by young artistes, greatly appreciated and used by the Indian middle-class.
  • Though the utility is limited, its aesthetic value is very high that has a premium attached to it setting bright hopes for future.

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