Qualitative financial analysis is the methodical approach towards finding a conclusion of the financial conditions of a business firm/plan/work in terms of its characteristic value. Thus it must be developed by intricately carving out the areas where qualitative interpretations or improvements are required on a huge scale. It is done by financial experts trained to analyse such situations.

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Sample Qualitative Financial Analysis

Qualitative Financial Analysis

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Name of the company:  Cleanse Soap

Date of foundation of the company: 8th October, 2009

Overview of the company: The Company was one of the first soap manufacturing companies that laid emphasis on the mildness rather than on the harshness of the material. The acidic value of the components was brought down and so was the lather density created by it.

Purpose: It is to create a blueprint of the investments and budget of the year 2011-2012 in a whole new light to match with the current market flow as well as company policies.

Analysis documented by: Lara Pen, Chief Financial Analyst, assisted by Priscilla Corner, Stephanie Wind and Florence Imp.

Analysis document submitted on: 10th June, 2011


  • The trading strategy has been found to cover only neighbouring countries which needs to be widened through sanction of export rights.
  • It has not shown marked distinction in its pricing policies due to lack of cutting-edge software technology and intelligence in stochastic calculus.
  • The risk management of the company depicts that risk analysis has been secured well by calibrating the financial situations of each year.
  • Introduction of the new design has been one cause of increased financial sales.

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