A qualitative research analysis is a special document that performs the assessment of any qualitative research that is performed for some particular sociological purpose or related issues. Qualitative research generally involves the inquiry of various methods, techniques, and procedures, giving special importance to human factors and other behavioural aspects involved. The analysis is thus of a serious nature and has to be performed carefully to ensure the success of the analysis.

Sample Qualitative Research Analysis:

Title: “Impact of Education in Modern Society”

Area of work: The project includes the analysis of this qualitative research project wherein education and its effects on the modern society, the youngsters, teenagers and also on their guardians, have all been studied thoroughly.

Analysis commissioned by: New York School of Science

Analysis conducted by: Education Council of the United States of America

Team of analysts: Henry John, Robert Brown, Dr. Fredrick McKinley, Emily Rogers, Miriam George

Date: 18th December, 2011

Noteworthy points of the Qualitative Research Analysis:

  • Data collection and analysis: The data corresponding to the various activities involved in the qualitative research project, “Impact of Education in Modern Society” have been collected and thoroughly studied as part of the analysis procedure. Various tools and techniques have been employed to ensure the perfect assessment of the qualitative research work.

  • Case study: The analysis has made it clear that education has a variety of impacts on the present-day students, parents and the society as a whole, details of which have been given in the enclosed document, covering each individual case and its respective analysis.

  • Validation: The validity of the analysis in the present day and, more importantly, in the near future, has been discussed. The various aspects of education have been studied to estimate its status in future and areas of concern have been specifically underlined.

  • Academic research: Further research requirements and studies necessary for analysis have been stated herein.

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