A quantitative business analysis is an exercise whereby the data accumulated through investigation of business processes can be brought together to establish certain trends. It is primarily data based and its main purpose is to accumulate and present the data collected by analytical tools. The document should be carefully prepared and accuracy must be maintained.

Sample Quantitative Business Analysis:

Name of business which will be analyzed using quantitative analysis: Super Market Inc.

Nature of business: Super Market Inc. is a chain of mega departmental stores all across the country which sells everything, in a word. It has gained great prominence in recent times for its outstanding product quality and sheer range of goods on offer.

Date of submission of quantitative business analysis: 2nd June 2011

Quantitative business analysis to be conducted by: Market Research team of Super Market Inc.

Purpose of quantitative business analysis:

  • This supermarket chain has gained enormous visibility over the last couple of months due to intelligent marketing and excellent service. Hence it presents a novel site of conducting quantitative business analysis.
  • The sheer footfall over one year in the Los Angeles outlet of the chain is mind boggling. By analyzing the consumer buying pattern in terms of data and numbers, we can come to interesting conclusions which will be a part of our qualitative business analysis project.
  • The data will be fed to all the departments of the chain in order to influence policy decisions and functioning of the stores.
  • The report will also be published in the next issue of our magazine partner Business Weekly. [August 2011 issue]
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