A quantitative data analysis is one which uses the data collected in the analysis to come to inferences which hold true in general as well as in particular instances of the main module on which the analysis is being based. The report of a quantitative data analysis must be written accurately with the necessary pictorial or graphical representations.

Sample Quantitative Data Analysis

Date of submission of quantitative data analysis: July 2011

Name of organization conducting a quantitative data analysis: Data Tracker Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of quantitative data analysis: To trace, by means of accumulating the relevant data, the influx of refugees from the Caribbean islands to London from 1940 to 1960.

  • The influx of migrants from the Caribbean islands to London was enormous in the said period. Jamaica particularly saw a huge portion of the community leave its shores for the “motherland”.
  • This will be compared to the influx of migrants from that region after the commonwealth laws were tightened in the United Kingdom.
  • The purpose of this quantitative data analysis is to highlight and investigate a movement in history which has not received much attention yet, apart from in literature.
  • The data collected and analyzed will be published in the nest issue of our magazine [August 2011 issue]

The standard statistical tools will be sued in the project. We will distribute questionnaires to current Caribbean migrant populations in London as well.

For more information about the quantitative data analysis project please contact: 247458174 or log onto our website: www.datatrackers.com

Download Quantitative Data Analysis

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