Quantitative financial analysis is a document construed from empirical study of the financial situation of a company. It makes use of mathematical theories and formulae to represent the future scenario of a company in terms of its financial standing. Thus the article must envelope the financial components tightly and must interpret them with reference to the market conditions.

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Quantitative Financial Analysis

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Quantitative financial analysis of Elite Diamonds

Nature of business: Cutting, shaping, selling and exporting white diamonds

Origin of operation: Murfreesboro, Pike County

Financial analysis yielded for the period of: 2010 to 2011

Analysis accounted by: Mr. George Frederickson, Finance Department Head

Analysis account given on: 7th March, 2011

The following details provide an idea of the quantitative financial analysis conducted for the company:

  • Business transactions have been floored in the market recently hit by recession wherein the frequency of trade and export has been confounded by the global pressure. Thus, the sale profits have been reduced by 5% due to trade limitations.
  • The loan of $50,000,000 taken for the financial year has almost exceeded the total cost incurred by the year’s transactions, that is, $48,000,000 which may fuel the financial pressures on the company in near future.
  • The only source of money in-flow is stabilised by the tie-ups with the jewellery companies, the contracts with which are due to terminate in March, 2013, where the tentative stake of the jewellery stores is $10,000,000.
  • The financial policies regarding sale and purchase of shares need to be revised urgently in order to accommodate the negative changes in the market.

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