A real estate financial analysis is a document prepared to analyze particularly the financial details of a certain real estate and to utilize the details for identification of the profits and losses involved and thus devise developmental techniques, wherever necessary. A financial analysis of this form should be framed very carefully since it serves as a very important resource to have an idea of the finances of the real estate, in the future.

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Sample Real Estate Financial Analysis:

Real Estate Financial Analysis

Download Real Estate Financial Analysis

Name of the real estate: Green Valley Project

Financial Analysis conducted by: M/s Princeton Constructions

Address: 88/II, Kinston Apartments, New York

Contact number: 00 1 – 718 – 89328182

Website: www.princetonconstructions.com

Financial analysis prepared for the term: October, 2010 – February, 2011

Analysis prepared by: Mr. Sam De Souza

Date of analysis: 7th March, 2011

Purpose: This real estate financial analysis is being prepared to obtain a detailed report of the financial aspects of our real estate, the Green Valley Project. The cash inflow and the liabilities of this property are to be analyzed and correct figures should be given to demonstrate the results. This analysis will eventually help us to assess the areas of development and thus devise mechanisms accordingly and will help us to set such targets as we can financially afford.

Prominent details of the analysis:

  • The real estate financial analysis has clearly pointed out that majority of the families, except for the non-residential and outstation owners, has paid the monthly rentals. Hence, the required amount of cash that comes from these rents and taxes has been collected.
  • The property owner is not indebted to any individual or company and thus the real estate stands financially stable.
  • Bank loans will be paid in due course of time, as had been the case with the previous payments.

The real estate financial analysis has been carefully prepared and on thorough consideration of the reports, it can be estimated that the financial status of the real estate is profitable enough to continue with the business.

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