A real estate industry analysis is conducted to gauge the current market position of the respective real estate industry. This type of an industry is quite in demand and makes huge profits, if functioned properly. The analysis should thus be conducted carefully, considering important factors such as the nature of the property, area of land, type of buildings and construction materials used, etc.

Sample Real Estate Industry Analysis:

Name of the industry: Supreme Real Estate Companies

Analysis done by: George McKinley


Supreme Real Estate Companies

Industry analysis submitted on: 9th October, 2011

Particulars of the analysis:

  • Location: This is a major factor considered in our real estate industry analysis. We always position our real estate such that it has the perfect transportation facilities, markets, health services, and all other requirements of public service. Our clients are always served with the best locations, and this strategy helps us gain larger profits.
  • Property area: The area of land involved in a certain real estate is an important aspect in the industry analysis as clients pay much heed to it. We plan strategies to ensure that the maximum area is offered at minimum costs.
  • Competitor threats: A number of other real estate firms function in this very region, and hence we need to devise such techniques that help us score over them. We largely depend on customer feedback, since they give us clues of their expectations and thus help us function accordingly.
  • Social and political factors: Permissions from higher authorities for granting lands or constructing buildings is a significant area to be considered, and hence the various agenda involved in this section are being analyzed.

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