A real estate market analysis is the process of determining a fair market value for a service or business that is to be determined. The analysis is based on the review of the gross, equipment and the net profit. After completion of the inspection, the concerned property is compared with similar other properties to comprehend a relevant value.

Sample Real Estate Market Analysis

Market Analysis of a Real Estate Buildings

Date of submission: 07/01/2012

Market Analysis commissioned by: Team members of the ‘Sweet Heaven Builders Group’.

Purpose of the analysis: The main aim of undertaking this analysis is to check the suitability of the location in order to build up real estate buildings at the North Wellington City Complex, USA. This area is known to be populated by most of the well-to-do citizens of the city.

Factors considered:

  • Location: The real estate buildings are to be built up at the western end of the unused piece of land at the North Wellington City Complex. The area being huge is quite favourable for the growth of new construction projects.
  • Most of the buildings in the area are owned by the standard people, which could be beneficial for the economic side of the project as well.
  • Moreover, the location is quite favourable due to its easy connectivity with the prime locations like Airport at its northern end and availability of a number of stores near the area for availing the basic commodities.

Summary: The land marked is quite an interesting one for building up of a new estate provided the price range is kept reasonable and the architecture is modernised as per to the similar construction project developing at this area.

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