Real time data analysis is an exercise which undertakes to analyze data which is constantly being updated or changing. Traditional databases contain data that is constant and stagnant whereas real time data analysis deals with data that is not stable. It is useful in areas like banking, medicine, stock exchange etc. The real time data analysis report must be tabulated well taking into account all factors the project is contingent on.

Sample Real Time Data Analysis:

The purpose of this real time data analysis is to keep track of constantly changing data in medicinal records in SuperMed Hospital. Since traditional databases cannot handle such influx of changes.

Real time data analysis tracked by: Department of Public Relations, SuperMed Hospital.

Real time data analysis software used: IBM System S

Head of project: Sarah Roberts and Mark Johnson.

Purpose of real time data analysis:

  • The purpose of this real time data analysis is to keep our medical records updated at all items for the convenience of doctors, nurses, patients and their families as well as administrators and personnel in charge of the smooth functioning of the hospital.
  • This project will use real time data streams to keep tabs on a patient’s progress and provide updates to doctors in order to detect changes early, and thus preempt action.
  • The software has been tested and will be officially put to use from next month.
  • It will be an enormous boost for our services if we can constantly update our databases to the benefits of everyone.

For more information please contact: 357834525

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