The realtor market analysis is specifically done for the purpose of analyzing the local real estate markets. This is useful for real estate owners and investors who require insight about the current status of the real estate properties and the direction to be taken in the future. While constructing this kind of appraisal document, there are various factors that are to be kept in mind such as taxing policies, rental policies and the salability of the property itself. It is essential that the analysis report also contains the forecast of the market potential for the housing properties.

Sample Realtor Market Analysis:

The realtor market analysis was conducted on 5.6.2011 by the Estates & US Analyzers for the State Housing Properties of New York. The main objective of such an analysis is to study the current factors determining the real estate properties and the future expectations that are likely to be met. This also keeps account of the past market performance.

  • State Fiscal Conditions: NAR [National Association of Realtors] has established an increase in the state budget for the year 2011 which has resulted in tremendous improvements in the state of living.
  • Mortgage: Mortgage rates have also increased by 5% which has resulted in a rise of loan sanctions for homeowners by 32%.
  • Housing Equity Reports (Metro Areas): 140 Metropolitan Statistical Areas have been reported to have established with high yields.
  • Current Home Prices: Significant rise has been seen in the home prices by 16%.
  • Expected Home Price: The rise of 16% is expected to remain in the coming years.

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