Regression data analysis is a kind of statistical tool for analyzing the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. It enables one to understand how the value of the dependent variable changes when one of the independent variables is changed while the others are held constant.

Sample regression Data Analysis:

Name of project: Eco Friend

Date of submission of regression data analysis report: 2ng June 2011

Regression data analysis conducted by: Ecology Magazine

Chief in charge of the project which will use regression data analysis: Jill Simon

Purpose of the project using regression data analysis:

  • To compare the food habits of tigers depending on their age and sex in the mangrove forests of Sunderbans, West Bengal, India.
  • The various factors that will influence the outcome variable will be kept constant while one such factor will be changed. As a result we shall obtain a clear picture of exactly which factors cause what kind of effects on the outcome variable.
  • With the data that we collect following regression data analysis, we shall be able to speed up the initiative of saving tigers from endangerment and we can also understand the various factors which are predicted upon such an initiative.

Outcome variable in the project: The nature of food or the food habits of the tigers

Predictor variables to be used in the project:

  • Age of tigers
  • Number of tigers
  • Environmental factors
  • Sex of tigers

For more information regarding regression data analysis please contact: 23426546

Please see enclosed charts and graphs for a more comprehensive view.

Download Regression Data Analysis

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