Reliability data analysis is an exercise whereby previous data related to any product or system is tested over and over again in order to weed out the deficiencies. Any product or system being developed contains some flaws or deficiencies which may cause it perform below the expectation or goal. Hence, reliability data analysis is a corrective process which ensures that these deficiencies are weeded out to make the product or system flawless and reliable.

Sample Reliability Data Analysis:

Name of product to be tested: X2 Printing Machine

Creators of the product: Galloway Printers Pvt. Ltd.

Location: 22 Broad Street, New York

Reliability data analysis report created by: Department of Human Resources, Galloway Printers Pvt. Ltd.

Project in charge: Sarah Cooper

Date of submission of reliability data analysis report: 1st June 2011

Purpose of reliability data analysis:

  • To eliminate the deficiencies of the product and fine tune its performance to the utmost capacity.
  • To make sure that there are no errors in the product before it hits the markets.
  • Number of tests conducted: fourteen in the course of three months.
  • Current status of the product: the product will need to undergo two more checks before it is deemed suitable for the markets.
  • To test the applicability of reliability data analysis for other procedures of this nature.

Core technicians involved: Roger Andrew, Billy Stubbs and Philip Hastings

For more information please contact: 9382475745

To view the complete reliability data analysis please check the attached document.

Percentage of reliability acquisition till the current time: 75% improvement.

Download Reliability Data Analysis

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