A research analysis format is a document which contains a framework by which a competent and comprehensive research analysis report can be presented. A research analysis is the investigative study done before and after a research project. Such a document, when conducted before a research project helps identify the needs of the project, the materials available, the probable impacts and so on. When conducted after the project, it identifies the impact of the project and its actual benefits.

Sample Research Analysis Format:

Topic and nature of research:

In this section, a brief outline of the project must be mentioned so that the core of the research analysis is also understood. The topic of the research and its nature must be identified first, as an introductory paragraph to the research analysis report.

Research analysis conducted by:

Here, the names and designation of the team of research analysts must be put forward. If they are associated with an organization or institution, that too must be mentioned. Their professional capabilities and prior notable experiences can also be added to lend credibility to the document.

Purpose of research analysis:

Here, the reasons of the research analysis must be mentioned so that the direction of the analysis becomes clear. Depending on the purpose of the investigative exercise, the kind of analytical tools used will also differ.

Research analytical tools used:

In most cases, specific and specialized research analysis tools must be used. This must be mentioned here. For example, a school research project will be analyzed in a different way than an industrial research project. Hence, it is important that the tools are specified.

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