A research analysis template is a readymade written account of the analysis of a certain research project that has been analyzed by any particular organization or institute. This template is such document wherein all necessary details are outlines in the perfect manner and enough spaces are provided to be filled in according to the requirements for the respective research work. Hence, it helps in reducing the excessive effort, requirement of officials and experts, and also the costs of preparing an analysis document for a research project or paper.

Sample Research Analysis Template:

Name of the research project: ________________________________ [mention the title of the particular research work being analyzed]

Work details: ________________________________________________ [give a brief summary of the research work]

Name of the organization conducting the research work: ________________________________ [mention the name of the company or firm conducting the research]

Analysis commissioned by: ____________________________________ [mention the name of the organization or individual applying for the research analysis]

Analysis conducted by: _______________________________________ [give the name(s) of the organization and/or individual conducting the analysis]

Date: ______________ [give the proper date of conducting the research analysis]

Parameters of Research Analysis:

  • _________________________ [parameter 1]
  • _________________________ [parameter 2]
  • _________________________ [parameter 3]

[Mention the parameters that have decided the course of the research analysis]

Factors considered for Research Analysis:

  • Significance of the research: __________________________________ [account for the research project’s effectiveness and suitability]
  • Areas of work covered: ______________________________________ [provide details of the present status of research analysis]

  • Recent findings: ______________________________________ [mention the discoveries of the research work, if any]

  • Approximate budget: ______________________ [give the amount set specially for the research work]

  • Financial status: ____________________________________ [provide details of costs incurred, shares, debts and liabilities, etc.]

  • Other details: ____________________________ [mention other areas of discussion for the research analysis]

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