Research data analysis involves the accumulation of data for research purposes and forming inferences or conclusions from the data which will uphold the main tenets of the research project. A research data analysis must be documented well so that the modules of the research project are expressed in a clear, logical and cogent manner. Research data analysis is necessary in any kinds of research especially qualitative research.

Sample Research Data Analysis:

Name of research for which data analysis is to be conducted: Tracing the impact of forced community migrations in the 20th century.

Date of submission of research data analysis: 2nd July 2011

Research data analysis conducted by: Sarah Robinson.

Purpose of research data analysis:

  • This research project, sponsored by United Council of Education, is for a PhD thesis.
  • This purpose of this research product is to make sense of the incredible amount of data available on forced migrations the world over in the last century, and unearth the trends through the use of analytical tools, and based on a model of semiotics.
  • This research project will also make use of data provided by unorthodox sources like memory, old tales, survivor’s accounts etc.
  • The research data analysis will also test the viability and the applicability of the standard analytical tools used in structuralism.
  • The research project will be published in the Structuralism Journal if it reaches the maker of merit.

Research supervisor: Dr. Martha Jacobs

Expected date of completion of research project: 2013

For more information please contact: 83975756 or mail at

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