The research fundamental analysis is a necessary assessment procedure that provides insight to a particular group about the state of the selected topic which can include academic research to stock market conditions of a particular company. This can be conducted by the researchers or by hiring experts related to the field to provide a detailed report about given aspects of the research topic. This needs to be done for various reasons such as ensuring grant renewal, providing more time for the research etc. It is important for the research fundamental analysis to be done periodically to ensure that the research is on the right track.

Sample Research Fundamental Analysis

The following research fundamental analysis has been created for Child R Us.

Research Topic: Effect of Cartoons on Preadolescent Children

Analysis by: UTORONTO Radial Analyzers

Date of Analysis: 4.5.2011

Statement of Purpose: Child R Us is an Ngo that has been researching on the effects of the cartoons aired in today’s day and age on the minds of children below 13. The researchers wish to extend their research from a localized aspect to a national one.

Research Overview:

  • Children viewing cartoons on Cartoon Network: 56% (violence and sex subliminal messages aired: 88%)
  • Children viewing Nickelodeon: 73 % (violence and sex subliminal messages aired: 93%)
  • Children who refrain from watching TV at all: 12% (alternative hobbies: reading, extracurricular activities like sports or recreational arts)


  • Need to reduce violent and sex from cartoons air.
  • Encouragement of alternative activities required.
  • Role of parents/guardians is important to educate the children about the fictitious nature of TV programmes.


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