Research analysis can be termed as the study of a certain research project after proper scrutiny of the concepts and theories that define the respective work. Any research work is always a serious undertaking and the assessment of such serious tasks naturally involves more number of complicated and serious activities. Hence, research assessment is such an examination or assessment procedure that needs to be done extremely carefully, lest a single mistake should spoil the entire result.

The primary criterion that determines the execution of a research analysis is a thorough knowledge of the actual topic of research work. Hence a synopsis of the project must be essentially provided, after which the execution of the actual process is to continue. A number of issues need to be kept in mind while performing a research analysis, some of which include:

  • The topic of research project should be mentioned clearly and accurately.
  • The course of events and procedures that are to be followed while conducting the research work should be identified and studied thoroughly as part of the analysis.
  • The research analysis should include proper and systematic collection of significant data, devising of various analytical tools and techniques and theories for their proper execution in practice through methods such as case study, etc.
  • Academic parameters should be kept under notice and discussion of critical area should be included to ensure their development in the future.

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