Restaurant business analysis is the means of analyzing the performance of a restaurant business, the kind of service it is proving to its customers, the profit and losses that it is incurring and analyzing the scope for any further development or improvement. It is conducted by a professional business analyzer, with the aid of certain professional tools and methods, such as survey form filling, sales project and others.

Sample Restaurant Business Analysis:

Business Analysis Commissioned by: Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Business Analysis created by: BA team, Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Submission: 1st January, 2011.

This business analysis has been made by the analysis team of our company, under my supervision, over a period of six months, with the aid of various professional tools such as customer survey, sales records, statistical comparison and other related methods.

Objectives of the business analysis:

  • To analyze the present financial transaction of the restaurant and find out the profit and loss that the restaurant is incurring.
  • To judge the customer satisfaction, find a way of addressing their grievances.
  • Find out ways of overcoming the limitations and develop the business further.

Tools used for business analysis:

  • Customer survey sheets.
  • Past sales record.
  • Present sales record.
  • Location of the restaurant and area features.
  • Competition rates.

Research Report:

The analysis shows that the location of the restaurant is highly favorable to ensure maximum business satisfaction. The customer survey reveals that they are quite satisfied with the product and performance of the business. However, the restaurant must come up with more varieties of food to increase its profit rates in the competitive market.

A more detailed performance analysis is enclosed herewith this sheet, with suggestions for further development.

Mr. John Wilson,

Supervisor, Business Analysis team,

Xerxes Businesses Pvt. Ltd.

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