A restaurant competitor analysis is a document armed with the analytical points that progressively helps in the melioration of the business. It supplants into the competing business and figures out the antagonizing features that may risk the security and development of the concerned business. Thus it is very important to accommodate all the crucial factors in the analysis.

Sample Restaurant Competitor Analysis

Name of the firm triggering the analysis: Jason’s Kitchen

Nature of business: Restaurant service

Date of analysis: 6th August, 2011

Name of the analyst: Levin Palin, HR Expert

Name of the competitor: Mainland Chinese

Nature of the analysis: The report has been drawn from quantitative and qualitative points of view by counting the economic profits and tracking down the customer complaints respectively.

Field of competition: It is based on the fact that the restaurants are located at a stone-throw distance from one another. The continental food served belongs to the same category and the area of accommodation is almost identical for the two.

Requirement of the analysis: The report is made to figure out the problems either self-created or manifested by the market conditions under which the restaurant management has to labour continuously that greatly risks the future of the restaurant. The services will soon be facing the firing line if a proper competitor analysis is not done.


  • The brunt of competition can be busted by organizing regular entertainment programs like dance or music shows to pep up the ambience.
  • Assortment of the same continental food served can help increase the economic standards and the customers’ interests simultaneously.

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