A restaurant financial analysis is an important document as it is prepared to study and analyze the various financial statements as involved in the proper functioning of a particular restaurant business. An analysis of a restaurant’s financial status should necessarily contain details of the various activities related to finance, such as sales, marketing, net profit and loss, etc.

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Sample Restaurant Financial Analysis:

Restaurant Financial Analysis

Download Restaurant Financial Analysis

Name of the restaurant: Grand Restaurant

Address: 17, Park Avenue, Los Angeles

Contact number: 00 1 – 213 – 78382192

Website: www.grandrestaurant.in

Financial Analysis commissioned by: Grand Group of Hotels

Address: 99, Lindsay Street, Los Angeles

Contact details: 00 1 – 213 – 83921828

www.grandgroupofcompanies.in [email id]

Members who prepared the financial analysis: John Peterson, Derek Stone, Mark Petrova, and Joseph Roberts

Date of submission of analysis: 8th August, 2011


The primary objective of conducting this restaurant financial analysis is to have an estimate of the gross profit or loss we have made over a year [August, 2010 – August, 2011] and to analyze the reasons and/or causes behind the same, so as to implement those which have been successful and develop the ones that failed this year.

Financial analysis approved by: Mr. Henry Rogers

Managing Director

Grand Restaurant, Los Angeles

Outcome of financial analysis:

  • The restaurant financial analysis so prepared has reported a sale of $89550000 for the entire year while the total costs have accounted for $12500000, thereby causing a net profit of $77050000.
  • The financial analysis suggests that the salaries and wages of all employees have been cleared.
  • Shares and debentures and also stock market records have clearly been presented here.
  • The analysis has put forth that there are no pending payments to be made to creditors.

The financial analysis has given a clear picture of the restaurant’s assets and liabilities and can thus be utilized for further business.


[Signature of Henry Rogers]

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