Restaurant managers play a pivotal role in successful working of the restaurant as well as in keeping the decorum of the restaurant. Restaurant manager job analysis, therefore, is needed to be conducted extensively for the success and expansion of any restaurant’s business. It is done in the supervision of human resource experts in order to ensure maximum employer and employee satisfaction in the business.

Sample Restaurant Manager Job Analysis

Primary Information about job analysis: The name of the restaurant for which the job analysis has been conducted is Marigold. The analysis has been carried out for the post of a restaurant manager and the results have been compiled by Miss Harold Renault, the HR management head, Rosewater Group of Companies.

Tasks involved in the job: Candidates should be hired keeping some important factors in mind. One has to be really potent in skills to handle the staff, bear with customer complaints, maintain hygiene and cleanliness, provide variety in food items, look after the monetary issues complying with the food supplies and ensure ordered listing of prices and overall improvement of the business. The manager has to take the responsibility of training and assessing staff. In this field, experience counts the most.

Qualifications and pay package include: Besides the skills for efficient working, he has to possess considerable knowledge. He is expected to have a graduation degree mainly in accounts, nutrition or in hotel/hospitality management. The minimum pay for such a post starts from $8,000.

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