A retail business analysis is a document which outlines the main tenets of a retail business analysis. A retail business analysis uses conventional statistical and analytical tools to extract some crucial points about such a business, and examine its functioning, processes and impact. The document must be written well and cover all the important aspects.

Sample Retail Business Analysis

Name of retail business being analyzed: Stellar Paper Mart Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of retail business analysis: 22nd June 2011

Retail business analysis conducted by: Biz Wiz Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of retail business analysis:

  • We are a team of business analysts and our reports have gained the stature and respect that make us a force to reckon with in business circles.
  • Our reports are regularly consulted by top business newspapers and magazines while deciding their lists of retail businesses topping the charts.
  • Stellar Paper Mart Chain has established themselves as the most important retail business as far as imported paper and stationery are concerned. They have built up an enviable reputation for themselves and thus, we are keen on analyzing the business and what makes it tick.

Factors we give importance to when compiling a retail business analysis:

  • Business processes
  • Employee satisfaction as well as connectivity with the audience
  • Profitability and footfall
  • Business impact
  • Growth and development over time
  • Expansion plans
  • Current visibility and recall factor

Stellar Paper Mart Chain rates a health 7 out of 10 on our ranking list.

For more information and the complete retail business analysis report please contact: 237485654

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