A retail customer analysis is a document that is prepared to know and understand the response of retail customers towards a particular product or any service offered. Retail customers basically involve individuals or small businessmen who buy goods in relatively low quantities and are positioned towards the end of supply chains. An analysis of their feedback is important as it will help to easily identify problems.

Sample Retail Customer Analysis

Name of the product: Sweetora Sugars

Analysis commissioned by: M/s Robinson and Gregory Ltd.

Team of analysts: Mr. Marc Joseph and Mr. Robert Jude.

Purpose of analysis: The purpose of this analysis is to reach out to the individual and small customers, who do not purchase in bulk but contribute favourably to the sales of this product. It is important for us to know if they have any complaints regarding the product, which we will then work upon and try to improve so as to deliver flawless products from the next time.

Analysis features:

Various factors have been considered for the retail customer analysis and then has the work proceeded accordingly:

  • The retail customers have been segregated into groups on the basis of their age, because the product is such that it has varied importance to them and will thus garner separate reactions.
  • The product cost has been greatly analyzed from the customers’ reaction to this particular factor.
  • The product has been prepared in keeping all health factors in mind and the respective impact has also been analyzed.
  • Psychology and state of mind plays an important role in the sale of this product and hence is an agenda in our analysis.
  • Analysis also included specific uses of this product, by thorough focus on all patterns of use and also the most popular ones.

Analysis report:

The analysis performed through surveys, questionnaires etc. suggest that the product has gone down very well with the youngsters while the older age-group people use it to a lesser extent. It has been found to be an excellent mood-booster and very much popular at work places and college canteens even.

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