A retail financial analysis generally puts forth such data that demonstrate the financial proceedings of a retail business and highlights the net profit or loss as well. This type of an analysis document is used specifically for retail purposes and should contain related details in clear terms so that it can be understood by all and also referred to in case of future uses such as for planning business strategies, etc.

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Sample Retail Financial Analysis:

Retail Financial Analysis

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Name of business: M/s Grewall Textiles Pvt. Ltd

Address: 66, Manover Avenue, New Jersey

Telephone: 00 1 – 301 – 82938929

Email id: www.grewalltextiles.com

Retail financial analysis prepared by: Leslie Anthony, Robert Jones, Mark Stewart, and Fredrick Grey

Date of analysis submission: 9th June, 2011

Purpose of analysis:

The retail financial analysis has naturally been prepared to analyze the various aspects that determine the financial condition of our retail business. Such an analysis helps us to identify the textiles that actually bring in huge profits and the ones that somehow cannot, and this study helps us to design accordingly.

Time span under analysis: January, 2011 – June, 2011

Analysis details:

  • The total costs of the textiles have been well complemented by the net sales and there has been a gross profit of $76500000.
  • The retail prices have captured the market favourably, which eventually contributes to the finance of our business.
  • The retail financial analysis has been presented along with a balance sheet, which shows that we have no pending payments to the investors nor do we have any debts.
  • As clear from the analysis, our workers have all been paid duly.

The financial analysis has put forth all details of our retail performance and productivity and there has been no break-even point, which is actually a good sign of success and should thus be tried to be maintained in future as well.



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