A retail industry analysis stresses on the variables operating in the retail industry and the interactions among them. It lays down the relationship between each of the variables and seals the study with a proper conclusion which is supposed to help researchers and experts. Thus it must be crafted dynamically covering the major parts in a well-defined format.

Sample Retail Industry Analysis

Analysis of the Fashion Retail Industry

Analysis report prepared by: Laura Tiffany, Fashion Reporter

Results are given under respective domains:

1. Market

The market of fashion is increasing day by day due to the gain in motion with which new styles and cuts are emerging. It has a global market and most of the countries from Russia to Israel, India to Pakistan have come within its reach.

2. Events

Fashion weeks have been catching on in all the major countries that are conducted on an international platform these days. Various shows and exhibitions are organized by fashion retailers that promote designers’ collection and act as retail stores at the same time.

3. Turnover

Each of the fashion markets contribute millions to the country’s GDP and NDP which shows that the profits generated from the industry is exceptionally high. The sense of immaculate styling among people has made this possible.

4. Modernization

Innovation and ever-changing styles and patterns form the watchword of fashion. The painstaking effort that goes into making and finishing of each garment is what makes fashion retailing special. Lots of experiments are being done.

Conclusion: The latest concern is to make fashion eco-friendly and sustainable in the world market.

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