The retail market analysis is an important method of reporting the retail industry performance to help fathom the changing dynamics within the industry. This ensures that the clients and investors are all aware of the emerging trends in the retail market and the profitability of investing in certain sectors. It is also useful in making them wary of the sections that have been in steady decline for a good number of quarters. The analysis keeps in mind the retail products, the convenience store and retail price. This is done for analyzing all kinds of products and its performance within the market.

Sample Retail Market Analysis

The following is the Retail Market Analysis for Wall-Mart conducted by GDBR Analysis Ltd for the year 2010-2011. The analysis highlights the performance made in the current year, the past record and the expected direction it is likely to take based on the current status.

  • Current Performance: Wall-mart has show significant decline in its revenues by 34.5 % in the present quarter.
  • Past Record: The first three quarters showed a growth rate of 5% before the sharp decline in the current fourth quarter.
  • Retail Products: New Products have been introduced and this has shown some change in the retail accounts by 3% in the first quarter.
  • Retail Price: prices have gone up by 35% in existing old and new products.
  • Convenience Stores: No new stores have been added to the retail chain.
  • Expected market Performance: No change is to be seen in the coming quarters for the year 2011-2012.

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