A retail sales analysis is an organized approach of investigating the sale of a retail business of a specific region from the data extrapolated. The sale records over a series of months converge to form the retail sales records based on which the analysis is done which inspects the level of sales compared to other years. Thus it should be created with the help of accurate information.

Sample Retail Sales Analysis

Name of Business Company: Apple New York

Nature of business: Clothing (local and imported)

Description: The Company stocks 5 international brands and 4 local brands of clothing at present.

Nature of analysis: SWOT

Name of analyst: Henry John, Chief Marketer of the Zone

Date of the analysis: 8th June, 2010

Objective: This retail sales analysis targets the year of 2009 and probes the matter to find out the deliberate as well as accidental incidents that factor in the present sale condition.

Analysis results:

The retail sales of the year 2009 has been found to be averagely pitched going almost hand in hand with its competitors and making no significant achievement in the market. There has been a dip in foot traffic indicating losses for the company in near future.

Tangible causes:

  • Stock: The stock of the company is not unique and can be categorized as similar to other clothing stores.
  • Technology: The technology used by the outlets does not accommodate a wide range of the modern functions served by new age tools and machines.
  • Volume: The volume of merchandise is not very high given the restrictiveness of shop size.

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