The Road is a novel by Cormac Mccarthy. Hence, the literary analysis of the novel is a detailed examination of the various issues which the novel raises, including the grim post-apocalyptic tones of the novel. This involves multiple reading of the text, as different levels of meaning can only be grasped after a thorough reading. A literary analysis of The Road involves an appreciation of serious novels, and the depth to understand all that the novel stands for. However, the areas where the novel fails must also be mentioned.

Sample Road Literary Analysis:

Date of submission of literary analysis: 12th June 2011

Literary analysis submitted by: Jared Ackles

Submission for course: 2.33 [The Post Modernist Novel]

Points that have been explored in the literary analysis:

  • The Road and its relationship to other recent Post Modernist novels.
  • The use of minimalist language in the novel and how that contributes to the bleak and grim images which form the crux of the novel. The use of language is a special concern of this literary analysis and I hope to contrast this with Mccarthy’s other novels like No Country for Old Men.
  • The description of the post-apocalyptic landscape in the novel is a telling comment on the soullessness of modern life as well as a comment on the consumerist lifestyle. This is an aspect my paper wishes to look into with greater care.

Number of words of literary analysis: 3,455

Literary analysis submitted to: Professor Sarah Rogers

Abstract submitted on: 11th May 2011.

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